Before you share your story..

let me tell you mine..

I’m Laurie and I’ve been a wedding photographer for seven years now. I’m more than just a photographer though. I’m an animal lover (especially the 4 rescue dogs & 1 cat we affectionately refer to as “the zoo”). Wife to a U.S. Navy helicopter pilot. Mom to the cutest Teddy you’ve ever seen. Part die hard Swiftie, part elder emo. A born and raised Jersey girl who let her California dreams take her all the way to San Diego 11 years ago and never looked back.

I originally picked up a camera to document a backpacking trip I took with my husband (then boyfriend) way back in 2016. Once we got home, I downloaded a program to edit my photos and then began asking my friends if they'd let me photograph them to see how I did with real human beings in front of my camera. I loved every minute of those early sessions, and in January 2017 "Laurie Ashley Photography" is born. A lot of my early photography embodies the things I still see in my work today: beautiful light, true to life colors & genuine joy.

I believe in capturing you at your most genuine. I know getting in front of a camera isn't easy for most people & it's my job to create space for you to be your truest self. I help guide my clients into flattering poses & use prompts that illicit real emotion. I truly want to know your story and love when you share details of your life with me. I am both quick & efficient when I need to be and not afraid to let myself get lost in the art during our time together. I am crazy obsessed with great lighting and it's always my mission to find the most beautiful & interesting light for your photos. My editing style is what I like to call "true to color -- but maybe a little better than you remember." I want my photos to have a timeless feel while also having a certain pop that makes them truly come to life.

fun facts

all our pets names

brown with spots = Whitney

white pup = Peach

golden retriever = Puddle

blind collie = Ruthie

mexican street cat = Quinn

most of our pets were rescued from the best dog rescue in the world -- The Animal Pad!

the gear i shoot with

canon r6

canon r5

sigma 35mm 1.4 art

canon RF 50mm 1.2

sigma 85mm 1.4 art

canon EF 135mm

canon RF 16mm for fun!

my favorite shoes for a wedding

Tevas sandals ALWAYS & yes, this is a hill I will die on

you have a daughter named Teddy?

Yup! Her full name is Dorothea June but she's Teddy to us. The happiest, sweetest, most laidback 2 year old you'll ever meet & the absolute sunshine of our lives.